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What Is Voices?

At your events and meetings, do you look around and wonder if your message is on point? Do you wonder if people are paying attention and wishing you could do more to capture their feedback and input? Voices it the world’s easiest survey tool that allows anyone, with any phone, to interact with your event. Voices: the future of audience response.
Voices is great audience engagement tool to make meetings and events more relevant and fun. — Sandra Furnbach Clavijo, Faculty & Programs Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology

How It Works

It’s simple. Enter your polling and trivia questions in the Voices dashboard. When it’s time for your meeting, fire up a browser and attendees call in. As each question is answered with the phone’s keypad, real-time feedback shows up on the screen. As you capture this critical data, as well as the audience’s attention, a winner emerges. The energy level in the room catches fire while you use the response data to get your message on target.
Voices is so easy to use. I taught a colleague how to use it in less than 5 minutes.— Todd Szahun, VP, Data Strategy & Partnerships at WPP Data Alliance

Maximum Audience Engagement

Voices is different from what you may have seen before. We’ve built the easiest and most engaging tool on the market. And, Voices adds energy to any event. There is no barrier to entry for a participant — like requiring an app, website, or SMS. Participants just call right in. Add in a our game engine and it makes our engagement numbers beat all industry benchmarks.
It was a smart and a fun way to end our event. We used to capture event feedback and power our raffle. — Brett DiDonato, cofounder, MobileDevNJ

Polling and Trivia Technology

Voices combines polling and trivia questions to drive audience engagement. Use Polling to gauge audience sentiment or have them select a real-time winner from a group of options. Use Trivia to test an audience’s knowledge in, create a leaderboard, and use the results to tailor your message.


Act On Real Time Results

For example, use Voices to poll your audience’s knowledge on a topic at the start of a session. Then, tailor your content with real-time data to be more relevant and impactful. Run Voices again at the end of your session to measure effectiveness and have have the audience vote on a winning topic for the future. Voices can also be used to award a prize to an audience member, perhaps with a sponsored product or a unique meet and greet opportunity. A win for everyone!
We were able to test the pulse on how the audience felt about major topics related to the TV and digital industries. This helped us plan for exactly what we should make our next event about. — Natan Edelsburg, EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards
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Features and Benefits

Works On Any Phone

Voices uses the keypad to capture responses, so anyone with any phone can connect and interact. And, using the keypad allows it to be “instant-on.”

No Clickers, Downloads, or Awkward Texting

With Voices, we’ve removed the need to rent clickers or ask for app downloads. And SMS-based systems create clunky communications challenges, requiring users to keep track of so many different numbers for responses. Voices is simple and seamless.

Works Internationally

Voices works almost anywhere in the world with a local call in number. If we don’t have a local call-in number already listed, we can add it for you.

Easy To Share Results

Share a private unique URL of your results with your company or a speaker. This allows you to be data-driven and learn from your results.

Completely Flexible

Voices allows you to customize everything, including the number of questions, question timing, privacy settings, color themes, image-based answers, and more. This allows for a fully flexible experience.

Advanced Gamification & Engagement

Points are awarded in real-time to participants with correct answers, building a real-time leaderboard. A fun and friendly competition emerges and gives you a chance to recognize the winner. Plus, announcing that an award is available is a proven engagement technique.

New Promotional Opportunities

For sponsored events, Voices creates new opportunities for sponsors to reinforce a message thru a sponsored question, a prize, or even via SMS.

Pricing Plans

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Power Plan
500 / month*
$40 / 100 pack
250 bonus credits on signup!
Advanced Branding

* What’s a credit? A credit is used each time someone calls into your survey. For paid plans, unused credits from each month rollover to the next month.

** Coming soon! Public results will be shared in our public question gallery.

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"Voices earned us great audience reaction, was well received, and made our event more interactive,. By interjecting humor and prizes it made the experience more fun, though we took the tool very seriously and used it as an opportunity to capture data and our NPS (NPS = net promoter score)."
— Todd Szahun, VP, Data Strategy & Partnerships at WPP Data Alliance
"Voices is just terrific. At our event, it was a real highlight of the day."
— Roberta Caploe, Associate Publisher at Cynopsis Media
"Our audience ranged from high school and college age students to alumni and executives - all were engaged and enjoyed participating. It was a highlight of our event."
— Sandra Furnbach Clavijo, Faculty & Programs Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology
"Using Voices allowed us to take a traditional conference and panel format and completely spice it up. Just as the audience was about to get a bit bored and open their laptops to do something else, we launched a Voices game and got everyone engaged and having fun. On top of that we were able to use relevant content and questions and polls to actually learn a lot about the TV industry and future of digital."
— Natan Edelsburg, EVP, Muck Rack & Shorty Awards
"The audience clearly enjoyed it."
— Brett DiDonato, cofounder, MobileDevNJ

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